Consent Agreement Restraining Order

(a) the petitioner receives a certified copy of the order or agreement by the court administrator who made the order or approved the agreement and submits the certified copy to the court administrator, with joint arguments, or to the administrator of a district court or district court in the county where the order or agreement is to be registered. (vii) whether the defendant has been convicted, convicted or convicted of a violent crime since the issuance of the protection order or the approval of the consent contract; (h) to grant other facilities that the court deems fair and equitable, including, but not limited to the respondent`s order, to authorize the use of a motor vehicle by the petitioner or, in relation to a petition involving family members or members of the household, other family members or household members, as well as the division of household and family property; (F) 1. A copy of a protection decision or consent agreement issued, approved, amended or terminated pursuant to this section is issued, approved, amended or reported by the court to the petitioner, the respondent and all law enforcement agencies responsible for enforcing the order or agreement. The court ordered that the respondent be notified of a copy of an order on the same day the order was made. 8. (a) In accordance with Division (E) (8) of this section, the court may amend or terminate a protection or consent decision issued after a full hearing in accordance with this section. The court that issued the protection decision or approved the approval agreement is heard by an application to amend or terminate the protection decision or approval agreement in accordance with Division (E) (8) of this section. b) Division (E) (7) (a) of this section does not limit a court`s discretion; to establish that a respondent charged with an offence under Section 2919.27 of the revised code, an offence to a communal by-law essentially equivalent to this section, or a breach of the Tribunal, is based on the fact that the indictment is based on an alleged violation of a protection decision or consent agreement authorized under this section. , the violation was not committed or was not in defiance of the court. b) An ex parte decision under this section does not die out because the respondent did not serve the full hearing before the date set for the full division hearing (D) (a) a) of this section, nor because the court grants the continuation of that division. (b) with respect to a petition involving family members or household members to grant the home or household to the petitioner or other family or household member, to the exclusion of the respondent, by expulsion of the respondent, if the home or household is exclusively in possession or rent, by the petitioner or by any other family member or member of the household , or ordering the respondent to: , evacuate the premises when the home or household is jointly owned or rented by the respondent and the petitioner or any other member of the family or household; They may change the terms of a final order (acceptance agreement or full hearing of the civil protection decision against domestic violence) in two ways: (b) With respect to an order involving family members or household members, subject to the limitation of the duration of a decision or agreement set in the department (E) (3) (a) of this section , any order made under Division (E),1)d) ends on the date of this section.

a court, in the context of a divorce action, the dissolution of the marriage or the separation of the marriage or the separation of the lawyer, brought by the petitioner or defendant, issues an order that gives the rights and obligations of the parents for the custody of the children or, on the day a juvenile court, in an action of the petitioner or respondent , makes an order for the custody of minor children.