Authentication Service Level Agreement

The production department of the console and HID certificate management technology is operational 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. Services are considered operational when they are available at 99.5% per month. The scheduled downtime does not exceed seven hours per month and (i) Saturday or Sunday, or (ii) other hours and days that HID may consider necessary, provided that HID gives the customer, at least three calendar days in advance, a written notification of that other time and other day for the scheduled downtime. Since the console and application of HID certificate management technology depends on the availability of internet communications, hid offers no guarantee of service level for the hid certificate management management service to be accessible to the customer without interruption. Subject to the exclusions outlined above, the buyer may apply for a credit at the one-week account level of the service concerned (regardless of the number of users involved) if HID does not comply with the service measures in force for a given month and if the buyer informs the DHH. «Covered Service,» the following authentication services, provided for a customer application as part of the identity platform: i) email and password-based registrations and (ii) update of a JSON authentication tool («JWT»). Duo Security SLA Exclusions The Duo Security SLA does not apply to services that expressly exclude these Security SLA duos (as indicated in the documentation for these services) or to performance problems: (i) caused by force majeure or (ii) resulting from one or more of the client`s devices or third-party equipment that are not subject to Duo Security`s primary control. «Services» the mobile identities section of the HID Origo management portal and the HID Origo mobile identity API. Each of these services individually, a «service.» During the duration of the agreement under which Google agreed to make Google Cloud available to the customer (if applicable» the agreement), the covered service will provide the customer with a monthly usage percentage of at least 99.95% (the «Service Level Objective» or «SLO»). If Google does not meet the SLO and the customer fulfills its obligations under the ALS, the customer is entitled to receive the financial credits described below. This ALS indicates the customer`s only exclusive and exclusive remedy for Google`s inability to complete the SLO.

The basic terms that are used in this ALS but are not defined in that ALS have the meaning defined in the agreement. If the agreement authorizes the resale or availability of Google Cloud as part of a Google Cloud partner or reseller program, all customer references in this SLA mean partner or reseller (if applicable) and all financial credits apply only to partners or orders from relevant resellers under the agreement. The engagement level services described here are only available for service production bodies. Engagement level services are not available for non-productive cases (for example. B testing services, evaluation, proof of concept, preproduction, etc.). Notwithstanding the contrary, the provisions of this service level agreement do not apply to: (i) any function of the service in which this function is called beta access, preview or early pre-access; or (ii) free trial versions or any other unpaid use of the service.