Agreement For Tourist Services (Voucher)

It is also important to recognize that nationals of certain states that constitute a potential supply of illegal migrants can only apply for a visa by appointment with Ukraine`s security services. The list of these countries is represented on the government`s official website. Information on countries where citizens need to be asked to obtain a short-term visa is also provided. 10.7. A change in the price of a tourism product after the conclusion of the agreement is only permitted if changes in transport fares, the introduction of new or increased taxes and royalties, as well as other compulsory payments, are allowed to change the hryvnia in the foreign currency which expresses the value of the tourist product. – Document confirmed the tourist objective of the visit: Hotel / Apartment reservations 7) Documents that confirm the tourist nature of the trip (we reported it at the beginning). 7.1.5. to compensate, in a timely manner, the actual harm suffered by tourist, other persons and the environment, resulting solely and solely from the non-provision or poor performance of the service complex provided for by the contract, and in the event of fault of tour OPERATORS, which is proven according to the procedure and the confirmed debt. 7.1.3.dem TOURIST to provide the necessary and reliable information on the tourism product formed by TOUR OPERATOR, the obligations and rules of tourist behaviour, insurance conditions, the compensation procedure for losses incurred, conditions of denial of services and other necessary information; 4.1.1. place of delivery of tourist services, tourism services program; You do not have to visit Ukraine`s diplomatic or consular representation abroad to apply for electronic visas. Electronic visas are issued within 9 working days to the Directorate General of the Consular Service of the Ukrainian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as a single entry visa for entry into Ukraine for commercial or tourist purposes, for a maximum of 30 days. 4.1.5. the minimum number of tourists in the group, as well as the fact that the tour operator informs the tourist that the tourist trip will not take place due to the absence of the group, no later than 3 (three) days before the start of the tourist trip; 6.1.5.

obtain from TOURIST the personal data necessary to sell the tourist product. 7.1.1.dem TOURIST to provide the services contained in the tourism product in accordance with the and or directly to the TOUR OPERATOR office on the website; 5.6. One-third may pay for services ordered by tourist services in accordance with invoices issued by tour operator 10.11.